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Bankruptcy Law

Experience Counts

Bankruptcy law is complex and we have the experience you can trust to protect your assets, eliminate your debt and build your wealth.

Free Consultations

Our initial bankruptcy consultations are always confidential and free. Get answers to your legal questions without commitment or cost.

Fast Filing

In the event of repossession or foreclosure, we can have your case filed within hours.

Sooner is Better

A common mistake is to wait too long.

Are you needlessly struggling with debt and worried about your financial future? Bankruptcy is a tool for economic gain. When used correctly bankruptcy creates a foundation on which future wealth can be built. We work closely with our clients to ensure their bankruptcy is an effective long term solution to their economic trouble.

Simply stated bankruptcy allows people and businesses to immediately stop repaying creditors. Too often the decision to file bankruptcy is made after retirement and saving accounts are empty. Bankruptcy is best filed preemptively at the first sign of hardship before savings are lost. That said, it is never too late to file for bankruptcy protection.

The rules of bankruptcy are determined by federal laws, and those laws are written to benefit not harm the legitimate bankruptcy filer.


Full Service Law Firm

Helping our clients build beyond bankruptcy.

Having less debt and more money each month is one side of the bankruptcy coin. The other is less access to credit and higher borrowing costs. We aim to build lasting relationships and extend our services beyond the bankruptcy court. Your bankruptcy is temporary but should have positive lasting effects. We are here to help with all of your post bankruptcy needs.

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