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Bankruptcy Law


Since 1997 the Pérez-Kudzma Law Office has been serving the residents of Massachusetts in all chapters of bankruptcy.

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Chapter 7

Liquidation and Exemptions

The most common bankruptcies are those filed under chapter 7 of the United States bankruptcy code. Chapter 7 is designed primarily to remove credit cards, medical bills and other unsecured debts like utilities and collections. Taxes and other government debts can also be included in your chapter 7 as long as the bankruptcy requirements regarding those debts are met.

Unlike other chapters of bankruptcy there is no restructuring or repayment plan and therefore chapter 7 limits what can be achieved with regard to secured creditors like home and auto loans. You can keep your assets through chapter 7, but you must maintain timely payments on the loans and any equity must be exempted from the bankruptcy estate.

A thorough examination of your assets and the federal or state bankruptcy exemptions must be conducted prior to opening a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Without a comprehensive evaluation the chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee has the authority and power to sell your non-exempt assets.

We know the law and will be sure to exempt your assets from your bankruptcy case. Our thorough pre-filing intake procedure ensures you and your case are prepared for chapter 7 success.


The Right Choice

Trust us to handle every aspect of your bankruptcy case with distinction and discretion.

A commonly held belief is that bankruptcy is disgraceful and that the negatives far outweigh the benefits. As a result, many people needlessly struggle with their debts and impair their financial future. Bankruptcy is a tool used for economic gain, and when used correctly will create a secure foundation from which future wealth can be built.

Simply stated bankruptcy allows people and businesses to be freed from repaying debt. It should be used whenever financial obligations create economic harm. The two main types of bankruptcy are known as liquidation and reorganization. Counter intuitively liquidation bankruptcy often does not involve any liquidation or loss of property.

The rules of bankruptcy are determined by federal laws, and those laws are written to benefit not harm the legitimate bankruptcy filer. Generous exemptions exist to protect assets from liquidation and provisions can be made for case specific circumstances. The benefit of working with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys is that prior to opening a case, a comprehensive evaluation is conducted to determine any potential complexities.

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