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Set aggressive financial objectives.

Bankruptcy can help you buy your first home, put your children through college and save for retirement. Our free bankruptcy consultations are a great opportunity to set ambitious long term financial objectives. Imagine diverting each minimum credit card payment a wealth building investment. Bankruptcy is an excellent opportunity to build wealth.

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Financial Benefits of Bankruptcy

  • Debt Free
  • Stress Free
  • Money in your Pocket
  • Savings in the Bank

Funding your Goals

Each bankruptcy filer should obtain a credit counseling certificate prior to opening their case. A list of approved providers can be found on the U.S. Department of Justice website here. The purpose of the course is to provide important budgeting and financial information to potential bankruptcy filers. During the education session a healthy budget can be produced. Because you can complete a counseling course at any time, you can bring your completed budget to your free initial intake. This information can help you and your attorney maximize the financial benefits of your bankruptcy case.

U.S.Trustee Program

The United States Department of Justice is responsible for administering the Trustee Program. The United States Trustee program assigns a private trustee to each bankruptcy case to act as an administrator for the bankruptcy process. As far as the debtor is concerned, the trustee is responsible to verify the identity and disclosures of the filer. To learn more about the U.S. Trustee program you may visit their website here.

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